At CrossFit Eikestad you will find coaches with a collective experience of over 20 years. We believe that everybody is born an athlete, and therefore we follow the CrossFit prescription of offering always varied, functional movement at a high intensity.

At CFE we believe that community and support is essential in the process to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. We are a fun and committed community and in our Box you will find some of the top CrossFit Athletes in Africa training together with first time CrossFitters.

Our programme and training is INTENSE (we are known for it!!), but at the same time it’s ideal for ANY individual who is committed and determined to be the best they can be!

We believe the human body was designed to move (heavy) objects, either by pulling, pressing or squatting. We run, we row, we cycle and we swim and we do it at a high intensity!! We are committed to coaching people to move better, safer and more efficiently and ultimately increase longevity.

At CFE we dedicate all our time and effort to make sure you will not only see gains in the gym, but that you will be ready for whatever real life might throw at you!

Training has never been this fun and we guarantee you will never want to train any other way again!


CrossFit is an empirically driven, clinically tested and community based strength and conditioning programme. All our sessions are coached by Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainers and Africa Regional Athletes. All the workouts are scaled by intensity and load, but not by type. CrossFit caters for all fitness levels, from the fittest and strongest athletes to someone working out for the first time.


Your first month at CrossFit Eikestad will start with 4 compulsory introductory/on-ramp sessions, where you will be taught the foundational movements and techniques of CrossFit. CrossFit is rewarding and fun, but also technical, therefore, before you can participate in our daily WOD’s you will need to complete our on-ramp programme. We believe that better movement and increase range of motion are the foundation of fitness and that the quality of coaching is an essential part of your experience in a CrossFit gym.